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F3 - Why This Meter

Here is a list of the following features the F3 Meter has and why to get one:

  1. Holds up to 32 tariffs.
  2. Printer for compulsory areas.
  3. All in one unit for space saving .
  4. Optional Ticket Headers.
  5. Clock controlled.
  6. Calendar controlled.

Digitax F3 Meter

Digitax F3

Width: 18.4cm, Height: 6cm,
Depth: 2.7cm

Fare counter:
6 digits red LED
Extra counter:
4 digits red LED
Tariff Index: 1 digit red LED

Front Wording

Back lit

Operation Buttons
5 back lit buttons

Built-in Thermal Printer
Printing method: Direct thermal dot printing
Printing Speed: 1.5 lines/sec
Printed characters/line: 16 - 5 x 7 dot matrix
Paper load: Auto paper load
Paper roll: Thermal paper 38mm
Paper sensor: Infra Red
Paper roll allocation: To front side and rear side

Programming access seal
Wiring access seal
Meter casing seal
Meter to car body seal

Power Supply
From 8.5 to 16 Volts

From -15 to 70°C

Mechanical Strength

Tariff Structure
32 Smart and fully independent tariffs
4 Night tariffs
4 Holiday tariffs
4 auto-fare tariffs
4 auto-distance tariffs

Tariff Selection

Tariff Programme Change

By Smart memory ket
By Programmer

Peripheral Connections

Infrared Passenger Sensor
Data Terminal

Communications Port
Internal RS232 12V std

Operative Firmware

Flash Eprom upgradable with chip on board

Universal mechanical hall effect
Internal adapter for electrical Speedometer up to 65000 imp-Km
Programmable Power Outputs
1 roof power output, 25 watts, auto-fuse
4 Programmable power outputs, 5 Watts, auto-fuse





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