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806 - Why This Meter

Here is a list of the following features the 806 Meter has and why to get one:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Simple design.
  3. Low budget.

Digitax 806 Meter Digitax 806

Main Features
4 manual tariffs
141 combinable program parameters
in the memory, allowing very flexible tariff structures
1 roof taxi light power output
4 programmable power outputs (optional)
7 memory totals
Program checksum and Self-Test
Reprogrammable tariff update without changing parts.

Taximeter case in ABS/Polycarbonate
3 Front operation keys
6 Fare high intensity LED displays
4 Extra high intensity LED displays (LS only)
3 Red LED status indicators
1 Tariff index high intensity LED display

80C52 Single Chip

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