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M1 - Why This Meter?

  1. Fully compatible with all data systems.
  2. All the fucntionality of the F1.
  3. Perfect for newer vehicles.
  4. Discreet non - intrusive the M1 does not require any additional space in the vehicle .
  5. Clock/Calendar Controlled.
  6. European approval.


Digitax M1 Mirror Taximeter

M1 Mirror Taximeter

M1 Steering Wheel Bluetooth Remote Control
M1 Steering Wheel Bluetooth Remote Control

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Width: 17cm, Height: 4.5cm,
Depth: 2.5cm

Gr. 350 ca.

Fare counter:
6 digits-Red High Luminosity Led
Extra counter:
4 digits Red Light-Luminosity Led Illuminated Front text

Power Supply
From 8.5 to 16 Volts

From -15 to 70°C

Relative Humidity

Mechanical Strength

Distance Unit
From 10 cm to 6553 metres
Step 10 cm

Waiting Time Unit
From 0.1 sec. to 6553
Step 0.1 sec.

Totaliser Mode
Static Ram 32 to 128 Kb with nickel cadmium battery
37 + 37 Statistic Memory with full 10.000 trip-data register (128 Kb.)

Tariff Structure
63 Smart and fully independent Tariffs
+8 Night Tariffs
+8 Holiday Tariffs
+4 Autofare Tariffs
+4 Autodistance Tariffs

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