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Digitax Electronics UK Ltd
31 Tanners Bank
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE30 1JH
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)191 296 1294

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Digitax MDT


The Digitax MDT "Mobile Data Terminal.

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1. GSM/GPRS ACTIVITY LED 11. Earphone and Mic jack
2. LED 2 (Programmable) 12. Speaker
3. LED 1 (Programmable) 13. Smart card reader and writer
4. Dimmer light sensor 14. GPRS antenna connector (on board)
5. Microphone 15 . GPS antenna connector (on board)
6. Lighted power button 16. USB (a) connector (on board)
7. HW keyboard 17. DB 44 : on board male
8. Magnetic card reader 18. DB 44 : on board female
9. Compact flash  
10. Gprs sim card  

Technical Specifications

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows CE NET V4.2


  • CPU AMD SC2200, 266Mhz Processor
  • 64 MB RAM Memory
  • Hard Disk (Flash Disk-On-Chip) 32MB
  • Hidden System Disk with 32MB
  • Compact Flash Card add-on Socket
  • Triple Boot (System Disk, Hard Disk, Compact Flash)
  • TFT Display, VGA 640x480px 6.4" 350 CD, high brightness and contrast
  • Detachable TFT replacement double CCFL lamps
  • Light Sensor for regulating CCFL Lamps intensity
  • Resistive Touch Screen (mouse emulation, moisture and dirt resisitant)
  • 5 Hardware Keys with LEDS for frequent operations
  • UPS with external battery, automatically recharged
  • Smart Power Button
  • Safe Windows Shutdown with Disk activity sensor
  • Extra CPU for Autotive Intensive Tasks (A.I.T.P.)
  • Protected Reset Button

Built-in Periherals

  • On-Board GPRS module, with Voice capabillity
  • On-Board Magnetic Card Reader, accessible via Serial Port
  • On-Board ISO 7816 Contact Card Reader/Writer
  • On-Board GemPlus Credit Card Procesor for POS/EMV (Europay-Masercard-Visa) transactions
  • On Board Class1 (100mt) Bluetooth with Data(Serial Port Profile) and Audio (Headse Profile)


  • AC97 compliant Audio 2x1 watt
  • Built-In Microphone and Speaker with Hands Free Operation
  • EarPhone Jack and Headset with automatic Hands Free Exclusion
  • Buitl in RGB Video Grabber for external andalog Cameras for security features.

Special Features

  • Ring/Power On Ring (Hardwrae Detection - Wake Up on Ring from Remote)
  • Wheel Pulse Odometer input
  • "Stealth Mode" Remote Controller (No one is able to detect that MDT has been switched ON)
  • Temperature sensor and Fan automatic control
  • Text To Speech: Sate-of-the-art Loquendo add-on is available for many languages


  • 9 Total Serail Ports
  • 2 USB Ports and USB Host Controller
  • PS-2 Plug for standrd PC Keyboard
  • VGA Standard Output for External CRT or LCD Displays
  • Public address Audio Output
  • Audio Input Port
  • 6 x General Purpose protected POWER OUTPUTS 1A
  • 1 x Special Pupose POWER OUTPUT (Camera Power)
  • 4 x General Purpose protected and filtered Digital Inputs via AITP
  • 3 x Special pupose High Speed filtered Digital Outputs AITP
  • 2 x Special purpose High Speed filtered Digital Outputs via AITP
  • 2 x Analog Input Channels 12 BIT Resolution via AITP


  • F1 Embedded taximeter module
  • Thermal Graphic Printer
  • Contactless card Reader/Writer
  • Dallas memory button
  • Development Tools
  • Rapid Application Development with 3G-MDT SDK

Operating Specs

  • Operating Voltage: 9/16Vcc - 1.2A
  • Humidity: 95% (non condensing)

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