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Digitax Data Exchange Digitax Data Exchange SystemSystem

The Digitax Data Exchange system uses the ability of the Digitax F1 Taximeter to generate and store a great quantity of information about trips, shifts, overspeed, meter power off and more.

Our system allows the company to quickly collect data using many different characteristics and capabilities in order to satisfy different company requirements, infrared link, medium range radio, modem, mobile phone modem, single contact memory keys and by direct cable connection.

Data and settings are stored on a standard PC based Database, with programmes that let the user view and analyse download data, creating reports, statistics or charts, enabling the management to monitor and optimise the fleet usage and service. Whatever the data carrier used, the database, the analysis and the cashier programmes are the same.

This gives the flexibility of changing and improving the system in future without losing old data.

Digitax Data Exchange SystemDigitax Key System Overview

The keys are solid state memories that can be reliably used because they communicate with a single electric contact.

The memory of the key will hold approx. 7/8 days worth of work, with full details of each trip, shift and other information - for example, overspeed, power off, e-seal. If more data needs to be transferred, it is possible to use either more than one key or to reuse the same key after it has been downloaded to the PC.

The meter is able to store the last 3 months of work in its internal memory. The data can be downloaded using the keys whenever you choose, or in a selective way, so it is always possible to recover data that for any reason has been lost.

The basic hardware structure into the car is composed of the Digitax F1 meter and a key reader connected to it. Many other configurations are available, for example by adding the 'Due Model' thermal printer, a magnetic card reader, a taxi POS or an

additional communication device.

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