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Welcome to Digitax, the world's leading taximeter manufacturer, offering a diverse range of meters and solutions to both the present and future requirements of the global taxi trade. Taximeters and systems available to suit everyone from the owner driver to the fleet operator.

Included in the Digitax range are printers, credit card readers, software and, the most advanced taximeter in the world today, the Digitax F1. Meter information can be downloaded via infra-red, short range radio, mobile phone, the Dallas Button or by direct connection.


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Digitax Credit Card credit card readerReader

A great piece of kit for your F1 and printers. Passengers may want to pay on their credit card so a printer and a credit card reader is a must.


With the introduction of chip and pin a normal credit card reader will be of little use in the very near future, we will be introducing on line chip and pin technology early in the new year.


Please get back to us at the end of January and I will be able to give you full details.










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